Our Queens 

Kingdom Bengal Zoe

of Bengal Castle

She has nice closed rosettes and a rich auburn color. She has the sweetest temperament and loves to lie near you to watch TV. We could hardly wait to see the babies that she would produce for us. She didn't disappoint!

Moogly Bengal Bellissima

of Bengal Castle

Meet Bellissima my new silver girl.  She is beautiful, has no tarnish, green eyes, large wisker pads, and closed rosettes, anticipating future babies.

Elysor Saphire

of Bengal Castle

Saphire as an impressive pedigree. She has dark rosettes and is a welcome Queen to my breeding program. I'm looking forward to seeing her babies!

Bengal Castle

Golden Spirit

Aka as Goldie, she is Saphire's daughter. Our first keeper girl. She has beautiful large, rich auburn coloured closed rosettes. Can't wait to see her babies with Sky.

Bengal Castle

Midnight Shadow

My keeper Brown Charcoal Girl.  She has jet black spots, green eyes, she has a wild look. Antisipating charchoal babies to come.

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